Enhances perception of real-world experiences
adding computer generated sensory input

Ara Com'Era - Ara Pacis Museum

An Augmented and Virtual Reality Story at the Ara Pacis Museum. History and technology meet to present the Ara Pacis immersive and multi- sensory visit. The ARA AS IT WAS is the first systematic Augmented and Virtualreality revamping project carried out on Rome’s cultural heritage. This is one of the most important Roman art masterpieces, built between 13 and 9 BCE to celebrate the peace achieved by the Emperor Augustus throughout the Roman Empire. Superimposing virtual elements onto what you can see, a multimedia story unfolds, showing the original appearance and function of the altar. You can also see the alterations to the northern part of Campo Marzio, the area of Rome chosen by Augustus to acclaim his power.


  • Cultural Heritage
  • Ancient History

Focus Magazine

Focus,the Mondadori magazine dedicated to science, issues a special Augmented Reality number. Thanks to a new app, developed by ETT, readers of the magazine can partake in an innovative content-viewing experience. A free app, “Focus Augmented Reality”, has been developed to mark the occasion. It is available on AppStore and Google Play, and readers can follow-up magazine content with innovative and navigable 360-degree 4K videos, rendered in 3D. After launching the app and aiming the camera at the Focus magazine page, the images come to life, creating a new “anytime anywhere” smartphone and tablet experience and turning the magazine into a truly innovative device.


  • Science
  • Publishing

Noberasco @FICO

The 20 square-metre Noberasco stand, at FICO Eataly World, is completely made of wood and Corten steel and was finished in just seven working days. Multimedia units show the company’s history of dried-fruit production, spanning more than a hundred years. The layout consists of two touch-stations with in-depth information on the raw materials used, four Augmented Reality tablets, which demonstrate packaging and go into detail on products, and a monitor and Virtual Reality unit taking visitors on a virtual tour of the production plant.


  • Retail
  • Marketing and Communication

Gallerie dell'Accademia - Venice

This innovative project, commissioned by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, involves Venetian Heritage (coordinator) and Samsung (co-sponsor and technology provider), in partnership with ETT S.p.A. (multimedia installations).
It is a project that has combined an important sponsorship role with that of technological innovation, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy the new gallery wing that has been fitted out to the highest standards of modern museology.

Visitors are guided round the rooms by a mobile App, either pre-installed on a rentable tablet or downloaded onto personal devices. The mobile App is designed for various types of user (young children, youths and adults) and helps visitors explore some aspects and details of the works that are not immediately apparent. This makes a visit to the Gallerie dell’Accademia interesting to younger visitors too, and they can learn the history of the gallery and its works while also having fun.
The mobile application designed for children (5-10 years) and youths (10-16 years) has a number of games that accompany them on a guided tour of all five rooms, including a treasure hunt, memory and puzzles.
The tablet Mobile App for adults has some features that give access to more in-depth information. There are, for example, theme routes, including those which may have been selected on the welcome monitor, Augmented Reality, showing what occurred during restoration of artwork or displaying it in 3D mode.


  • Digital Heritage
  • Edutainment and Gamification




Welcome to the World of ETT. Discover our multimedia projects with the technology of Augmented Reality!

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology that overlay digital information on the real object (2D or 3D) being viewed through the camera device. When you point your camera device at the printed cards, a beautiful rendered 3D or video of our projects, will pop up on the screen.


  • Marketing and Communication
  • Virtual Catalogue




The Mobile App accesses information on the archaeological sites of Altino, Concordia Sagittaria, Adria and San Basilio di Ariano nel Polesine, as well as showing additional documents and multimedia material. However, it’s Augmented Reality that gives the App advanced added-value, making the guide suggestive and appealing and putting it in a class of its own.

Using the GPS technology included in the portable device, visitors are given a tour of the selected site and can enjoy Augmented Reality content showing details of particular importance.
Using the 3D modelling technique, virtual reconstructions were created based on precise scientific data.


  • History
  • 3D Reconstructions


Liguria Heritage AR

Liguria Heritage Augmented Reality (Liguria Heritage AR) is an application that uses augmented reality and 3D modelling of historical personalities to recreate moments from the past, through the voices of the characters who lived them.
Arriving near the sites where augmented reality subjects have been prepared, the application can display a digital reconstruction of the original structure, and show the exact points where it is possible to interact with the avatar personalities who tell the story. In every room, using the menu, visitors can consult audio-visual subjects which deal with art and culture, weapons and war, daily life, working tools and the documents of the age, to analyse the historical context of the facts that characterise the site. Visitors can also enter augmented reality and be involved with the personalities and uses of the age, reliving history in an original and captivating way.


  • History
  • Smart Tourism