Creates an immersive simulated environment
exploiting next generation head-mounted displays.

More Than Reality


Virtual Reality
Digital Heritage

Available for:
Available for Cardboard VR
Virtual reality allows to tell stories in a brand new way and interact with people. Try these experiences!
The app, available for Android smartphones, shows a virtual environment and allows you to explore some immersive 3D environments using the gyroscope of your device. Launch the app, place your smartphone inside the Cardboard VR and move your face to select an environment to explore.
A simple countdown will introduce you into the virtual world to start the 360 ° exploration.
The feeling will be that of an immersive visit to discover some perfect three-dimensional reconstructions with a first-person view that will put you in the center of the experience. To return to the main menu and start exploring another environment, just use the button on the top right of the Cardboard VR.


Lunar Rover

Developed for National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo Da Vinci” – Milan

The Lunar Rover application completely plunges visitors into a lunar setting where they take control of a rover and jump between impervious moon-surface irregularities.

The objective of the interactive game is to reach checkpoints scattered over the surface before the oxygen reserves run out.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Smart Home 360°

Developed for Samsung District in Milan – Exhibit “Smart Home”

Full 360° visit of the technological exhibit “Smart Home”, a demo-area which provides a “total home solution” based on innovative solutions, designed for city dwellers who love the technology of multimedia installations like tablets, smartphones, touch-screen monitors, digital whiteboards etc. It puts together a real home using the Samsung ecosystem.

Samsung Gear VR

Monteverde Castle: an immersive “time-shift” experience into the Medieval Age

Location: Medieval Castle in Monteverde, located in Avellino province (Southern Italy) and dating from the ninth century.

Fully-immersive 3D experience: the visit-actor sits on a rotating chair and – wearing an Oculus Rift device – has a 360° view of the 3D reconstruction of the throne room, complete with detailed and life-like furniture and fittings

Selected as a best practice for the Exhibition “Digital Museum Expo” at Mercati di Traiano, Fori Imperiali Museum in Rome (September 2014)

Oculus Rift